Technically Creative.

Mission Critical rewrote the book on procurement response. Unlike a typical marketing firm, we provide much of the "heavy lifting" for content creation, working directly with client team members and partners to develop technically solid proposals for DB, P3, CM@R, CMGC and JOC efforts.

SMALL TEAM. Big Results.

Small and agile by design, Mission Critical can quickly mobilize and scale our team depending on the size and needs of your project. With offices located in Phoenix, Arizona and Long Beach, Mission Critical serves a client base from Coast to Coast.

Meet Our Key Team Members

  • RoAnn Thorne RoAnn Thorne

    RoAnn Thorne

    Managing Partner

    RoAnn is an Owner and Managing Partner with Mission Critical. Her career spans work in both Civil Engineering and Construction firms and she uses this skill set to lead analysis of plans and documentation for over $1B in Proposal Management projects yearly. She actively manages the team's 3D modeling and visualization efforts and collaborates with client and design team members to develop, vet and narrate innovative technical approaches for P3, CMAR, CMGC and DB project efforts. RoAnn is one of 227 Greenroads Sustainable Transportation Professionals worldwide, and is a committee member for the Association for the Improvement of American Infrastructure (AIAI), a leading P3 advocacy organization.
  • Matthew Costabile Matthew Costabile

    Matthew Costabile

    Managing Partner

    Matthew is the founder and Managing Partner of Mission Critical. Bringing over 25 years of business development and construction market expertise, Matthew oversees the Proposal Management efforts of the Mission Critical Team. He drives successful project outcomes through a detailed focus on content development, a relentless passion to out-think the competition and willingness to challenge the ordinary. He is rarely seen without coffee.
  • Sara Gaetze Sara Gaetze

    Sara Gaetze

    Sara brings over a decade of administrative, design, and communications experience to her role as Project Coordinator. As part of the in-house team, she skillfully coordinates the efforts, resources, and expertise of internal and external staff, specialty subconsultants, and knowledge experts. She schedules the full project cycle, assists in design, data organization, and compliance. Her role helps to streamline our unique system and ensures that each proposal is crafted in quality and delivered on time.
  • Nicholas Boswell Nicholas Boswell

    Nicholas Boswell

    Web and Presentation Specialist

    Leading our Web Design and Presentation Technology efforts, Nick brings leading expertise and a fresh perspective to technology integration in every aspect of our work. As part of this scope, he creates diverse and interactive presentations in support of Mission Critical's interview preparation efforts and is responsible for the design and development of full websites and document service technologies on behalf of our clients.
  • Ivica Bozhinovski Ivica Bozhinovski

    Ivica Bozhinovski

    Graphic Designer

    Ivica assists Mission Critical's graphic design, infographic and content layout efforts. His ability to balance creative, eye-catching design with a solid approach and communication strategy makes him a unique resource for our Proposal Management efforts. With extensive experience in civil and vertical design content development, Ivica can quickly move client concepts and revisions from "sketch" to "finished deliverables" while effectively managing the dynamic and changing environment of the Proposal Management process.
  • Sadia Abedin Sadia Abedin

    Sadia Abedin

    3D Civil and Vertical Modeler

    As Mission Critcal's 3D Civil and Vertical Modeler, Sadia works with RoAnn and the project team to translate ideas and approaches into engaging, interactive, and technically correct visual presentations. She brings the ability to quickly and cost-effectivly model alternatives, approaches and technical graphics in support of Mission Critical's Proposal Management efforts and is uniquely skilled in delivering both civil and vertical building projects.
  • Rachel Robinson Rachel Robinson

    Rachel Robinson

    Proofing and Content Specialist

    While a comma can make a difference (e.g. "Let’s eat, Grandma" vs "Let’s eat Grandma"), the proofing role is more than punctuation. Readability, parity and voice make the difference in delivering a strong message. In leading Mission Critical's proofing efforts, Rachel brings an engineering background with a keen eye for detail. She delves through the content to ensure that the information is not only clear and precise, but that it is also in compliance with the requested material and provides all of the expected responses.
  • Jenn Tan Jenn Tan

    Jenn Tan

    Administrative Specialist

    In her role as Administrative Specialist, Jenn focuses on the details, tasks and and responsibilities that make each project a successful effort. In addition to managing Mission Critical's custom SharePoint client environment, she is responsible for preflight coordination and follow-through on many of our complex print and presentation projects.
  • Kala Kala


    DUO (Dog of Undetermined Origin)

    Kala is a rescue DUO (Dog of Undetermined Origin).  When not greeting visitors, she creates Job Hazard Analyses (JHA’s) for dropped lunches and QC’s the grass in front of the Mission Critical office.


Since 2012, Mission Critical has leveraged the best people, technology and a second-to-none work ethic to provide Proposal Management and Business Development services to clients large and small. Our services include:

  • Proposal Management (CMGC, CMAR, D-B, P3 and JOC)
  • Technical and Narrative Writing
  • Graphic Design and Technical Illustration
  • Web Design and Presentation Technology
  • Interview Preparation and Coaching
  • 3D Modeling and Visualization

We work world-wide and across time zones, providing a unique capacity to meet critical deadlines with ease.