Caltrans SR-140 Ferguson Slide Reconstruction CMGC

The $52M Rt 140 Ferguson Slide CMGC is one of six projects procured by Caltrans under the Construction Manager/General Contractor pilot program authorized by California Assembly Bill No. 2498. This was the second CMGC project awarded in the State of California and the first for the Myers-Wadsworth JV team.

The project is located on State Route 140 in Mariposa County, where the Ferguson rockslide covered Rt 140 with 798,000 tons of rock and debris in April 2006. Within the limits of the proposed project and prior to the Ferguson rockslide, State Route 140 was a two-lane, undivided highway.

In selecting the Rt 140 project for inclusion within the CMGC pilot program, Caltrans recognized both the unique challenges and collaborative efforts that would be required to successfully manage the design and construction of the project.

For the Mission Critical team, the challenges were significant as well.

  • As the second CMGC procurement ever issued by Caltrans, there was little “historical data” to highlight the scoring and review practices by the agency.
  • The project itself required a high level of technical understanding of geologic slope failures and expertise in developing content to address the significant safety, phasing, access and talus removal components of the project.
  • Lastly, as the second rock shed to be constructed in California, the project attracted a strong, competitive field of large, national contractors.

“The Rt 140 project really emphasized the strength of the Mission Critical team to work with our clients to deliver solid technical content,” says Matthew Costabile, Managing Partner.

Our Proposal Management plan began with content mapping and technical review meetings to identify key issues and challenges that would require specialized narrative focus. We then worked directly with Myers-Wadsworth JV team members and our own Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to develop and vet phasing, environmental and risk alternatives while concurrently building a solid CMGC approach that provided for collaboration, transparency and accountability.

Rt. 140 has achieved a number of notable firsts:

  • First CMGC win for the Myers-Wadsworth JV team
  • First Caltrans CMGC project to arrive at a successful and approved Guaranteed Maximum Price (GMP)
  • First Caltrans CMGC project to begin construction activities

Overall, the Mission Critical – Myers & Sons team was awarded two of the original six Caltrans CMGC pilot program projects ($52M Rt. 140 Ferguson Slide for Myers-Wadsworth JV and the $79M I-215 Barton Road Interchange with the Myers-Rados Joint Venture) – proving that “Rock Solid Content” is once again key to the win.