Historic Sedona SR89A Reconstruction

Nearly three million people visited Arizona’s famous red rock country in Sedona last year, so when the City released the SR89A Reconstruction CMAR procurement, the big question was “what is your plan and expertise for mitigating impacts to tourism?”

With only weeks to develop a winning response, the Mission Critical and Banicki Construction teams met in the field, walking the corridor and vetting potential ideas for accelerating the project timeline and developing alternative phasing, while still meeting the tough engineering standards for this full-depth mill and replacement. The challenge was made all the more complex as the reconstruction corridor would need to match into multiple types of existing roadway sections, driveways, curbing and parking areas.

To win against a strong field of local firms, the Mission Critical team worked with Banicki to create a strong and targeted CMAR approach narrative, supported by a detailed matrix of phasing options, innovative approaches and materials selections. Having a graphic design staff familiar with civil design made the effort of developing incredible and effective technical layouts fast and easy. We then worked with the project team to prepare for the 45-min Q&A interview, developing large screen and print presentation deliverables.

In partnering with Banicki for the SR89A win, we provided rock solid content that matched the firm’s expertise and capabilities, wrapped in a proposal that beat the competition hands-down. The Banicki team went on to deliver the construction project on time and on budget and that was – on completion – described as a “surgical strike and exercise in efficiency” by the Red Rock News.