Project CDOT

The Hanging Lake Tunnel is a dual bore highway tunnel carrying Interstate 70 and U.S. Highway 6 through the southern wall of Glenwood Canyon in Colorado. The tunnel contains a ventilation and control structure, called the Cinnamon Creek Control Complex (CCC) which was the focus of this contract. The CCC is a partially earth sheltered structure to the west of the midpoint of the facility containing two vertical telescoping Access Control Point barrier doors that provide vehicular ingress/egress between the east and westbound tubes and to the command center itself. At the end of their service life, these 5,000 lb doors posed significant challenges for replacement.

CDOT selected CMGC delivery to facilitate the collaboration between the CMGC, CDOT Design and key facilities O&M stakeholders. This project required a fully collaborative effort for design, systems and constructability analysis, early procurement of specialized door systems, design and integration of SCADA upgrades, mitigation and management of potential HAZMAT, and vigilant safety planning for the utilization of confined working areas located adjacent to tunnel traffic.

In partnering with Myers to respond to this focused scope, Mission Critical collaborated directly with dispersed Myers teams on a daily basis to develop project-specific narrative responses as well as technical graphics and illustrations. Mission Critical identified the need for the addition of an Access Control Point (ACP) specialist subcontractor to the team, and successfully sourced and integrated this resource through the procurement response preparation and interview cycles. Our team fully designed the response document package and conducted key one-to-one interviews with aggregate team members for resume creation. Additionally, our team worked directly with key project staff for interview and delivery preparation while developing an integrated presentation which supported the structured, situational question and Q&A segments of the interview.

Myers & Sons was awarded this project in June of 2016.