Interview Preparation

RoAnn Thorne and Hilari Weinstein working through content with a client - San Diego, 2014

Content First.

As your collaborative partner, Mission Critical’s role does not end with the shortlist. We actively develop, plan and engage with our teams for early interview planning in multi-step procurement efforts.  Utilizing our “content first” approach, we first build native project knowledge for the project, ensuring that the interview team has a cohesive baseline knowledge and understanding of the project and the expectations of the interview committee.  We then work with the project team to effectively deliver targeted and effective message branding in order to maximize potential scoring opportunities.  On larger procurements, we also team with some of the best coaches in the industry, including our favorite, Hilari Weinstein of High Impact Communication.

Creative Approaches That Capture Interest.

Your interview presentation should be as unique as your written submittal.  While “content is king”, we are experts at creating “event horizon” moments that cause committees to stop, think and take notice. Facing a tough “situational” or “challenge” interview?  We work with clients on projects large and small across the US to develop solid approaches for these and other challenging scenarios.

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