Technical Writing

Solid writing drives our Proposal Management success, so this 1916 typewriter takes center stage in our new office.

It’s the No. 1 question we are asked at AGC events, tradeshows, site visits and even airports: “Does Mission Critical actually write content?”  Our answer:  “Absolutely.  Every Day.”

We focus on Rock Solid Content.

Pretty may get you noticed, but rock solid, client-focused content is what wins your next project.  Mission Critical develops native, technical content, from scratch, for each effort.  We work with in-house and client Subject Matter Experts (SMEs) to build baseline approaches into finished work.  Using everything from napkin sketches to verbal discussions, we develop, refine and bring the best ideas and knowledge to life while building bulletproof content that matters.

Fresh Perspectives On Traditional Boilerplate.

In tough and competitive selections, there is no room for traditional boilerplate content for projects, resumes and approaches.  The Mission Critical team typically re-sources this content, interviewing team members one-on-one to gain new insights, fresh perspectives and to drive the development of narratives that reviewers will find engaging and targeted.

Proofing Beyond The Comma.

We proof beyond the comma, searching for common threads, opportunities for connection and parity between narrative and graphic elements.  Utilizing a “tenth man review” system, we bring a fresh set of eyes into the final review process, ensuring that the effort of the client and our team is maximized and we always, always put our best foot forward.

In addition to the millions of words of content we develop for our Proposal Management efforts, we also author and develop winning content for:

  • Award Submissions. We work with clients nationwide to write and design award submissions for projects, people and methods.   See our Guide to Planning for Successful Awards for key tips and advice for making the most of your Award efforts.
  • Marketing Materials and Collateral.  Well-designed, professionally printed marketing materials serve as an effective leave-behind tool and reinforce your brand, but it’s important to remember that “Content is King.”  That’s why we focus on developing the right content first, then creating the right ‘look’ to meet the project objectives.
  • Presentations.  From Powerpoint to Prezi and everything in between, our presentation team can work with you to deliver the right message to your audience.

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