USACE 13th Street Bridge at Vandenberg AFB – 8(a)

Mission Critical teamed with Maloney Construction, a Novato CA based 8(a) Heavy Civil Contractor, to respond to this highway, street, and bridge construction project at Vandenberg AFB.

Mission Critical provided critical knowledge and insight into the federal procurement and contracting process, resulting in a “best practices” effort that met review deadlines, addressed specifications and delivered a final compelling narrative for the team’s expertise and overall ability to deliver best value. Utilizing our technical writing and proforma support capacity, we worked directly with the estimating and scheduling groups to identify key parallels between experience, staffing, approach and pricing.

For all our federal submittal work, we constantly work to achieve four benchmarks:

  • We focus on the development of clearly written and targeted content as the key mechanism to gain the highest technical score possible from source selection teams.
  • We go beyond the “basics” to develop strong narratives that meet the goals of the procuring agency, rather than focusing on meeting the “minimum standard.”
  • We answer the questions of “who, what, where, when and how” decidedly, ensuring that each experience, personnel or approach narrative is specifically written with the current procurement in mind.
  • Lastly, we believe that the “devil is in the details.” On this – and every – project, we incorporate a dedicated profoma team so that our writers, design team and staff can focus on their specialties and always know that our final product is procurement compliant.