2016 City of Phoenix Pavement Preservation JOC

When you are recognized as one of the key “go-to” Pavement Preservation subcontractors in Arizona, making the jump to the role of Prime presents a unique challenge.

That’s why we were thrilled when ViaSun asked us to lead their next proposal management effort aimed at capturing the important 2016-2017 City of Phoenix pavement preservation Job Order Contract (JOC). The statistics were daunting – although ViaSun had successfully completed over 57 similar pavement preservation projects within the City of Phoenix during 2015, none of these were as Prime.

Over a quick, four week procurement cycle, we collaborated with the ViaSun team to brainstorm and define core strengths in personnel, equipment and delivery methodology while leveraging our experience of having managed 22 JOC Statement of Qualification wins since 2012. With a limited page count and ankle-thick margin specifications, the Mission Critical team focused on developing rock-solid content that would capture and portray the true capacity and expertise that ViaSun could offer the City as a Prime JOC.

“Mission Critical really took the time to understand our processes and strengths and then created content that explained why this was important and unique in providing this scope of service to the City,” said ViaSun President Rolando Perez. “We’re a small and growing organization, so having a partner who would really drive this effort allowed us to continue our day-to-day operations without tying up our key people unnecessarily.”

The result of this collaboration was a solid win for the ViaSun team who learned of their selection in late April 2016.